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The Adventures of Zerobit & Onebit : From the Big Bang to the conquest of Mars

Do you like stories that transport you?
The Adventures of Zerobit & Onebit do just that: They open your mind completely to an experience you never thought possible.

The story in a nutshell
The two characters, Zerobit & Onebit, born according to the precepts of Aristophanes’ speech «of Love», in Plato’s banquet, make their appearance at the foot of the tree of knowledge.

The odyssey of our two heroes begins in Plato’s cave where they will meet the Golden Calf, who gives them the word through the forbidden fruit, Mac Deus who will chase them to the Meta World, where, welcomed by Mark Z., they will experience a Meta Concert and then go to meet Jimmy F, one Saturday night. Their curiosity aroused by these adventures, they undertake a world tour that will lead them into space. We leave you the joy of discovering the details of this long journey dotted with the history of philosophy, arts, science and language by accompanying Zerobit & Onebit in their journeys, droll and surrealist broth of culture.


The first chapters of the adventures of our two heroes are available here :

ZeroBit & OneBit

The language of Zerobit & Onebit is an artistic creation imagined by the author since his first confrontations with the Internet, around 1996. Each square, or pixel, has a color that corresponds to a sign of the Latin alphabet. Language thus becomes image. All you need is the key to interpret the dialogues of this odyssey, which can be downloaded from the site.
Press release to download

Each character and each element of the Adventures of Zerobit & Onebit’s scenery has given rise to the creation of NFTs that can be collected on the Opensea website:
These elements, beyond their simple existence, participate in a project that weaves around the invention of this new language. An application that will allow people to express themselves in pixels is being studied and will be released in 2022. The works created over the last 25 years by Cecil B Devrœ will also be available later this year, mainly in the form of NFT.

About ÆGO
ÆGO is a concept by Cecil B DEVRŒ, born in 1995, when the internet became available in Europe, as the digital alter ego of a French author. Looking at the screen of this new world, Cecil begins to explore this universe as an emerging reality with a new dimension, a new face, made of an alphanumeric combination of symbols, signs and images. This new envelope of the Earth will need a new theater to play the comedy of life. Satellites define the new «atmosphere» of our planet while we feed the network that develops around us.

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