About the project

About the project

ÆGO is a concept by Cecil B DEVRŒ, born in 1995, when the internet became available in Europe, as the digital/virtual alter ego of a French author.
Looking at the screen of this new world Cecil starts to explore this universe as an emerging reality with a new dimension, a new aura, a new face made of a combination of alphanumeric, symbols, signs and images. This new envelop of the earth will need a new theater to play the life comedy. Satellites define the new « atmosphere » of our planet as we feed the net that grows around us. The stage is in place, the worldwide connexion is real it’s time to bring some poetry.
SAPT is this new poetry, a digital poetry made of colors and pixels, that figures this abstraction of the knowledge in a new vibrational spectrum. It connects us to the world through the flows, tensions, variations, rythms of the colors arranged between them by the chromatic alphabets imagined by Cecil B Devrœ. The show is an infinite suite of colored squares that scroll before our eyes, are placed on our screens, on our walls to give a sparkle to our universes essentially colored by the gray of the concrete and the lights of the advertisement. The time is for magic, that of feeling and contemplation.

Exhibitions :
Agora Gallery NYC – 200212 – 200301
OGM – Paris Stock Exchange 200210
Gallery 22 – Coustellet 2009

Collection : Fondation Blachère – 2003