When a story is written, that is to say, when we find ourselves on the threshold of a future with an almost blank page to fill, it is up to the main actors, builders, explorers… to imagine the thickness of what they are building. To produce an effervescence such that all the virtuous possibilities have a place to express themselves and to achieve…
At the dawn of the internet, the actors acting in the name of a creative, generative « virtue » – in the sense that it emanated from it a new generation like the geological strata represent them in cross-section of a mountainside or rock – all these actors were quickly swept aside to make way for an immense so-called virtual shopping mall in which the good to be exchanged was ultimately only a commodity, whether pornographic or literary, and sometimes both at the same time. It is by despoiling culture and its major players that Amazon has built an empire to become what it is today, a huge hypermarket where you can find everything at any price.
And we can see the result…
Thickness, i.e. history and its mysteries, the thoughts that confront it, the destinies that are written there, the confrontations, the discoveries, the solutions, the problems, in short, the abundance of the human spirit has become almost absent from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, and will continue to be so in what is now called the Metaverse, Web 3.0.
What do we see emerging from the « pens » of the great minds of the Metaverse (as they call themselves)?
The answer can be summed up in one or two words, depending on the language spoken by Business!

page from the comic book The Adventures of Zerobit & Onebit – T2

No forum or agora, no scientific or political debates free of the dross of belief to feed on the breasts of reason and spirituality, no, BUSINESS, with strategies that I would describe as pathetic to explain to us how important it is to have the NFT of such and such a handbag or such and such a pair of tennis shoes of such and such a « prestigious » brand in order to be able to show off, to flaunt, to flash in the Metaverse.
The Metaverse in fact boils down to a huge advertising spot where the interaction spaces are only justified by what they can drain from the sheep ready to buy and eat any « Amazing & Wow » novelty
The hypothesis of the Metaverse being taken in hand by citizens willing to build a virtuous future is unlikely to happen as long as billions of dollars are mobilised to make each user the cash cow of their fortunes (by making the cows salivate on a hypothetical success)
Hence the increasingly widespread speeches inviting everyone to fight to succeed. Fight against oneself to succeed in what?
The places are still expensive and as long as we fight ourselves they are quiet – the insurrection is far away.
We must therefore relearn the ways of writing, the writing of the history of tomorrow. We must take the reins of a universe already too much left to the demise of business and appearance.


The thickness of the Metaverse will only come from the capacity of artists and creators
to join the momentum of history and not the siren songs that we know lead to the end.

Like Odysseus’ crew, we must listen to Circe’s advice, fill our ears with wax and continue to sail towards a future made of thought, questioning, confrontation and reason, the only certainty of which is that we must protect it….
It is therefore by laying foundations deep enough to create the foundation of reason and intelligence, of ecology and humanism, that tomorrow’s history can be built like a light house ready to light our way on the paths we must take. Let us summon up the lessons that thirty-five thousand years of humanity have enabled us to aggregate, let us be inspired by the first gestures and the first letters that were engraved in the rock and signed on the walls of the caves to have the courage to build ourselves, together, in our diversity, our opposites for the benefit of those who will succeed us.
To hell with the rest!


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