Born in 1996, SIGNS ARE PIXELS TOO is the ambition to inscribe in a new playful, secret and aesthetic language what the human spirit has opposed to the powers of time: art and science!
A project by CECIL B DEVRŒ

Of the Lascaux caves we know only what we are given to see. With the eyes, where we discover the image offered and left as a testimony, with science to date, analyse and understand, with the mind to « feel » the essence.
From the claviform traces engraved in stone or clay to the works made famous by the power of their expression, whether it be the Bible, the texts revealed by Hesiod, Socrates, Rabelais, Shakespeare, Martin Luther King… to John Perry Barlow or more recently Satoshi Nakamoto, and the historical mathematical sequences – Fibonacci, prime numbers, PI… -, everything has been written with the help of letters, numbers, signs or ideograms to formalise thought
Signs Are Pixels Too (SAPT) are the figurative representation, or more precisely a figurative abstraction, of what the human mind has formalised through the signs of writing, whether literary or mathematical. By converting each element of writing into a pictorial element, SAPT makes it possible to imagine what a text or a mathematical sequence « says ». The image produced reveals the spirit, the rhythm, the energy that characterizes it.
SAPT are images created to make us feel what we cannot see, a priori. They are chromatic portraits of what humanity has left behind, from generation to generation, to signify its genius and creative power. They are panels composed of coloured variations to express the tension, the strength, the softness of thought and nature – of its objective representation. They are new reading models offered to scientists, especially those working in linguistics or exact sciences.
SAPT is an artistic project whose ramifications are envisaged in several dimensions.
Digital art and NFT:

  • A blockchain dedicated to digital art with a token based on a simple principle of valuing a work according to the principle of one byte or pixel = 1 token
  • Cryptography,
  • An APP for smartphones with an extension for « NFTisation »,
  • Scientific research
  • Design (scarves, tableware, clothing, stationery, comics)
  • Street Art

How SAPT works
Each sign (letter, punctuation, number, space) that makes up a text or a mathematical sequence is converted into a unique shape, the pixel. To differentiate each pixel, whose shape is a square, a chromatic value is applied to each sign. In CMYK value (cyan magenta yellow black) for printing and in RGB (red green blue) for broadcasting on a digital network.
The letter « A » thus becomes a square represented by a chromatic value of :
C= 3 : M=18 : Y=37 : N=45 (for example)
This applies to each sign to represent a chromatic alphabet.
There are now twenty-four such alphabets, plus one created specifically for the translation of the American and French constitutions with reference to the three colours that make up their respective flags.
There are alphabets that tend to be polychromatic with a wide variety of colours, and others whose shades are based on a single colour and its variations.



Cecil B DEVRΠwas born in 1995, the digital/virtual alter ego of a French author who was thus investing the internet, which had become accessible in Europe.
Looking at the screen of this new world, Cecil begins to explore this universe as an emerging reality rich in a new dimension, a new aura, a new face made of an alphanumeric combination, of symbols, signs and images. This new envelope of the earth will be a new theatre to play the comedy of life. Satellites define the new ‘atmosphere’ of our planet as we feed into the network that grows around us. The stage is set, the global connection is real, it is time to bring poetry to it.
SAPT is this new poetry, a digital poetry made of colours and pixels, which represents this abstraction of knowledge in a new vibratory spectrum. It connects us to the world through the flows, tensions, variations and rhythms of the colours arranged between them by the chromatic alphabets imagined by Cecil B Devrœ. The show is an infinite series of coloured squares that scroll before our eyes, land on our screens, our clothes, our walls to give a glow to our universes essentially coloured by the grey of concrete and the lights of advertising. It is time for magic, for feeling and contemplation.
Exhibitions :

  • Agora Gallery NYC – 200212 – 200301
  • OGM – Paris Stock Exchange 200210
  • Gallery 22 – Coustellet 2009

Collection :

  • Fondation Blachère – 2003

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